3G Vs 4G Technology | What Is Difference Between 3G And 4G technology

We all are aware of the 2G,3G and 4G technology networks, but what is the story behind the G is not likely to be heard and many does not exactly know what it is. G stands for generation as in first. Each of the new generation is updated and can upload and download information in faster way. Next generation is faster than the earlier one. For example a new variant of an old model always have better features, average and other aspects than the previous one same is the case with “G”. These are the mobile networks and let you enjoy a great speed of internet without any interruption. Here we explore what is 4G? comparison between 4G speed and 3G speed.

4G Technology

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on 4G Technology Features.

Ultimate Cheat Sheet on 4G Technology

Increased speed is the major feature of the next generation. It is gained through the increased size of the portals. The second way is the designing of the next generation in a new way to send the data in compressed manner be either compression increase of packets of 1s and 0s or by designing them in such a way that it can be sent faster.

3G Vs 4G technology presentation.

4G LTE – Images of 4G Technology

3G Vs 4G technology band frequency 1.8GHZ -2.5ghz 2ghz-8ghz bandwidth 5-20 MHz 5-20mhz

Data rate of speed to two Mbps 100Mbps moving up to one Gbps stationary access w-CDMA VSF-cdma and vsf-ofcdm turbo codes concentration codes switching packet circuit.

For example an iPhones would have never existed if there was not 3rd generation technology.

3rd generation wireless technology

3g is referred to as third generation and was launched in 2000.This generation is very popular because the internet users can have access to the web with a high speed even in their hand held devices such as Smartphone and tablets. The 3G data transmission is very high and this is the secret why we get instant messages, videos and other data quickly from other side on our devices. Internet surfing, file transmission, video calling , viewing HD videos, online TV , online games everything is possible due to 3G and it is the best option that lets you connected with the world. It will just take eleven seconds to 1.5 minutes to download a 3 minute mp3 song with 3G.

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What is 4G ? 4G Technology definition

There are more value added features included in this generation, but not many have switched to it yet. The speed of this generation is lightening fast and with a blink of eye users are able to download their data online. Happy conferencing, talking, surfing, networking, chatting, partying or whatever you want on your mobile phones or other devices is now possible with 4G. The basic term used for 4G is magic and is also known as mobile broadband everywhere.

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Top 5 4g technology enabled mobile phones in india


Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 4G SM-G531F (Grey)

Micromax Canvas Nitro 4G E455 (Black)

Lenovo A6000 (Black, 8GB)

Panasonic P55 Novo (Midnight Blue, 1GB)

Mi 4 (White, 16GB)

These mobiles are compatible with 3G and 4G technology operational in India. 4G technology announce delivers speeds of up to 100Mbps; but practically you should see 50-70 Mbps.


Airtel 4G Mobile Hotspot/Companion Router (Black)

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What is the difference between 3g Vs 4g technology? What is 4G?


4G Technology in India


Yes, there is huge difference between 3G and 4G technology, Speed is major factor here.4g technology provide Ten times faster speed than 3G network. Check you Mobile Speed.

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How fast 3g connection and compare with 4g network?

3g vs 4g

As we just said 4g connection is faster than 3 g network thus obvious question is How fast it is? 3G technology provide (12-13 Mbps ) across all the network. The research found that speed of 3g Technology varied by operator. 4G technology basic download speed is 50 Mbps which reached up to 70 Mbps, so 4G technology work on (50-70) Mbps as a download speed. Which is much faster than 3G network.


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The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About 3G Vs 4G Technology – 4g Speed

Here we try to explore some Advantages of 4G Technology and disadvantages of 4g technology.

4g technology advantages.

  1. Quicker connection speed
  2. Cover more area as network
  3. Software independent
  4. High Voice quality
  5. Best for video calling


4g technology disadvantages.

  1. Less number of towers
  2. High cost
  3. Lack of 4g compatible devices
  4. Arrived in Limited cites.


There are plenty of features such as mobile multimedia, anytime anywhere, integrated wireless solution, customized services and much more. 4G also offers more security than the previous generations, high speed, low cost and high capacity. You can get any service anytime according to your requirements.

3G and 4G technology are the advanced technologies and offers much more to the users in terms of QOS and high security.




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